An Advent of Extreme Ownership

An Advent of Extreme Ownership - Dopamine Fasting

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Losing track is a bad feeling. It’s like watching a train crash in slow motion. I sit as a passive observer to my own life, helpless as the wheels of progress slowly peel off the tracks of discipline and the body of the train endears itself to the ground, thrashing into oblivion, barreling off the proper path in a magnificent twirling motion, throwing those within through the air like the pulp in freshly pressed, pulp-filled orange juice shaken to properly distribute the contents. Read More...

An Advent of Extreme Ownership - Turbo Mode

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It’s been shocking to find out how much I’ve been doing wrong. I’ve been spending the past 3 days of the weekend working with abandon, and trying to avoid distraction as much as possible, but I’ve still been far less successful than I hoped I’d be. I made a big list last Friday (the 13th!) and followed that through Friday and the weekend. My approach was the Jocko Willink turbo mode method - make a big list, on paper, and cross the items off the list as you finish them. Read More...

An Advent of Extreme Ownership - Fostering Conviction

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It’s a quarter to one (AM) as I write this. I’ve been undergoing a fascinating transformation lately. While I have, of course, encountered stumbling blocks and often find myself recessing into the crevices of my old mind in the hope that I’ll find some comfort there. It’s a kind of lust after the peace that skeletons encounter - and that analysis isn’t too far off - the recesses of my mind are filled to the rafters with skeletons I thought I’d buried. Read More...