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L'Appel Du Vide

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I shall¬†jump¬†out¬†the¬†window¬†Triumphant¬†and bold, my¬†final task¬†To why¬†I¬†do, I’ll tell you¬†-¬†I’m sick But¬†more,¬†I¬†beg you, do not¬†ask This life was long¬†and¬†death will give¬†rest When I lie in¬†the¬†earth,¬†at last I’ll belong¬†I’ll rot to the¬†bone in¬†the womb¬†of all life And hum to the tune of her¬†motherly song I’ll be in the air, all around, everywhere¬†I’ll come back as¬†the soil, compressed into¬†oil Read More...

The North Side

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I wake up in the morning with cold sweat on my face, and my heart skips a beat, as if to remind me I’ll soon die. I look out the window to my dark, grey city, and I ponder away, time passing in my head. How soon will I be dead? I don’t know. I brush the thoughts off with my comb and rinse them out with my coffee. A clear brain and jittery hands start me through the day. Read More...

An Advent of Extreme Ownership - Dopamine Fasting

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Losing track is a bad feeling. It’s like watching a train crash in slow motion. I sit as a passive observer to my own life, helpless as the wheels of progress slowly peel off the tracks of discipline and the body of the train endears itself to the ground, thrashing into oblivion, barreling off the proper path in a magnificent twirling motion, throwing those within through the air like the pulp in freshly pressed, pulp-filled orange juice shaken to properly distribute the contents. Read More...


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