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Doing Is Divine (So Let's Grind)

published on
reading time 4 minutes
Doing is divine, so let’s grind through the quarantine! Doing is divine. Consumption is grotesque. Yet our society has fallen into the trap of consumerism. Nonetheless, we ignore the risks of relying on a consumer economy, and we continue to prop up companies which thrive on exploiting us through excess consumption. Every section of our society, economy and daily life seems to be geared towards consumption, as if we’re convinced it’s possible to infinitely consume.

Money Is Just a Method of Accounting

published on
reading time 3 minutes
“Money is a very useful method of accounting… Money represents wealth in rather the same way that the menu represents the dinner.” ~ Alan watts Money is a magnificent thing, but it is not the point. Money should serve as a means to an end, and not the end itself. Unfortunately, we have come as a culture to fetishize money and consumption, instead of value creation and production. The financial world also seems to have fallen into this trap, and a large portion of the supposed value of today’s companies is made up of Fugazi money which has been printed or loaned into thin air.

Reclaiming Individual Sovereignty

published on
reading time 7 minutes
Everything we experience can be overwhelming; just the raw nature of being alive can grate on the soul and leave one’s reserves of willpower and courage depleted. But what is the solution to this predicament? Is it right (or smart) to commit suicide if existence has become unbearable, or is there a better alternative to palliate the malaise of being? I’ve found it helps to view the world through a somewhat detached lens.


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