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A Pandemic as a Fertilizer

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I start writing to you today from quarantine. My eye is somehow inflamed. My conjunctivae are folding and bunching up when I move my eyes, which I believe to be conjunctivochalasis, and late last night I had an episode of what I believe to be corneal erosion. The doctor’s offices are all closed, so I am in a strange position of limbo. Of course, this won’t kill me, but it’s very uncomfortable, and the compounding effects of the world seemingly breaking apart, combined with health issues and a mind that is plagued with the talking heads on TV so brilliantly instilling fear, is intense.


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Can’t face the world unculturebound Unshielded experience is too raw It might confound if felt too freely So freedom must be caged with law Controlling frames are worn with will For God’s country and protection Lest someone’s thinking overspill And point in an unenclosed direction Anesthetize your strangeness Say our loving mindset masters We’re taught how to not transgress By edustructional broadcasters They, together, teach the rules Of this playperform


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I’ve always felt stuck on the ground And loved sky My arms wish to be wings My heart begs me to fly To escape the day’s mess The bundles off stress To for once be lightfooted And out of duress So I wait for the night When my dreams take their flight And my long stretched out arms Form into a kite Then I fly way up high Miles above ground


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